Rylan Jane Shurtleff

Miss Arkansas Middle School - Miss Rylan Jane Shurtleff

Miss Rylan Jane Shurtleff, daughter of Christopher and Savannah Shurtleff, and Haley Francis, is a remarkable 7th-grade student at Arkansas Middle School. Excelling academically with straight-A's and enrolled in honors classes, Rylan embodies a commitment to excellence. As a cheerleader for the AMS Razorbacks, she brings spirit and enthusiasm to the sidelines. Beyond her studies and cheerleading, Rylan finds joy in serving her community and volunteering at Mistletoe Market. Whether she's on the lake, wake surfing, or cheering on her team, Rylan's zest for life is infectious. With aspirations to attend Harvard Law School and establish her own law firm, Rylan's ambition knows no bounds. Her favorite singer, Parker McCollum, her love for Chicken Express chicken tenders, and her affection for the color pink reflect her vibrant personality and varied interests.